The ViGOR Box

The ViGOR BOX is a rowing based fitness solution that includes all the hardware and software you need to achieve your fitness goals, delivered right to your door. Not only can you include the Concept 2 rowing machine as part of your ViGOR BOX solution, you also get access to a personal fitness coach and much more! With the ViGOR Box you get:

Get Results

Whether it's doctor's orders, wanting to look good for that special occasion or just wanting to look good for Saturday night we are all about helping YOU achieve YOUR goals.

Set a goal

Row with a Coach

You win at fitness

Why we row

We use rowing as the primary source of cardio for our customers.  Below are just some of the reasons why.

Not only is indoor rowing a low impact fitness alternative, fitness professionals in the know are calling it the new hip king of cardio.

Want a full-body workout? The machine you need has been in your gym all along.

30 Minutes of Rowing could be as effective as 90 minutes of cycling

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